15 Dollar Minimum Wage

What No One Is Talking About !

Is The 15 Dollar Minimum Wage Worth It?

Everything is getting expensive. California 15 dollar minimum wage is coming soon and the federal minimum wage debate is ongoing, but will it really help?
Learn why you will have LESS money to spend if the federal minimum wage increased to 15 dollars per hour.
Getting more money for the same work makes sense but the positive effects of raising the minimum wage does not exist if you are not able to buy more things.

$15 Dollar Minium Wage

Negative Effects Of Raising Minimum Wage

If you take a close look you can see the negative effects of raising minimum immediately. The disadvantages of raising minimum wage that you can see right away is the price of everything going up.
If you are in a state where the minimum wage increased, then pay close attention next time you go to your favorite restaurant.

Did the size of your portions decrease?

Look at your receipts. Did the price stay the same or did it increase from the year before?

Disadvantages of Raising Minimum Wage

The California minimum wage has been increasing by one dollar every single year until it gets to the new California 15 dollar minimum wage. That means wages have increased by over 50% since 2014.
If you look at your receipts, you will notice the price of things you buy everyday has also gone up.
Raising the federal minimum wage would be a disaster for people on a fixed income. How are you supposed to survive when you are lucky to get a 2 percent cost of living increase?
The real loser is people with low income and the middle class. If you were making 15 dollars per hour when the minimum wage was 10 dollars, then will your pay go to 20 dollars when the minimum wage goes to 15 dollars?
If you have an entry-level job that pays you the minimum wage, then it will be very hard to find higher-paying jobs because they won’t exist and that is not the worst part.

The Receipts Show The Negative Effects Of Raising Minimum Wage

Carne Asada Burrito: 
On 11/17/2018 a carne asada burrito was purchased for $8.59

On 11/11/2019 the same burrito was purchased for $9.88

That is an increase of $1.29, a 15% increase in one year.

Flying Dutchman Hamburger: 
On 01/01/2019 two flying dutchmans were purchased for $4.80

On 09/05/2019 the same hamburgers were purchased for $5.70

On 01/24/2021 the same hamburgers were purchased for $6.20

There was $.90 increase (18%) between 01/01/2019 and 09/05/2019.

Another increase of $.50 (8%)between 09/05/2019 and 01/24/2021

29% Increase In 2 Years:
From 01/01/2019 to 01/24/2021 the price increased by $1.40 for something that used to cost $4.80

Real Reason Why Politicans Want The $15 Dollar Minimum Wage

This Is What The Politicians Do Not Want You To Know. 

Lets suppose you are making the federal minimum wage of 7 dollars and 25 cents an hour. If you work 32 hours per week then your annual pay will be 12064 dollars.
Not only will you not be able to buy more things, but you will have less money because you are paying more in taxes. Because the I.R.S. standard deduction for a single person is 12400 dollars, that means you are not paying federal taxes.

However, if you were making 15 dollars per hour and working 32 hours per week, then your yearly pay is 24960 dollars. Now you will have to pay at least 1250 in taxes each and every single year. If you work more hours, then you pay more taxes, which means you have less spendable money.

More Taxes?

This does not include state taxes, but what if you live in a state where you have to pay state sales taxes?
Politicians spend billions and billions of your dollars every year. They make promises they don’t keep. The easiest way to get more money is with taxes and the easiest way to do that is to increase the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour.

In California, the state sales tax is 8 percent in most areas. At McDonalds, the 2 for 5 dollar special is now 2 for 6 dollars. That is a 20% increase which means the state gets an extra 8 cents for every 2 for 6 dollar special purchased.

When you start adding that up, the state gets billions, but you get 15 dollars an hour and you get the privilege of paying more taxes.

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